‘Superlative Analytical Quality’

Welcome to Cardio-qt

Headed by Royal College Accredited Cardiologist and Bioengineer supported by PhD Scientists, Cardio-QT Ltd is an award winning, highly innovative Core Cardiac Analysis Laboratory offering an array of sophisticated validated techniques to solve all your analytical research problems. Our seamless data analysis systems, quality assured by real Cardiologists and our responsive helpful scientific team will provide you with a supremely professional service.

Innovation Finalist

Benefits of using cardio-qt

  • Highest quality analysis of any Cardiovascular Data.
  • TQT analytical quality and accuracy reduces False Positives and Negatives by improved accuracy measuring the real end of the T wave.Not a surrogate index. QA by Cardiologist.
  • Complies FDA E14- Automated Adjudicated Over-Read by Royal College Accredited Cardiologist. Not a nominal "Cardiologist"...
  • T Wave Morphology analysis-Objective Indices over-read by Cardiologist.
  • Zero Human Error- Fast, Seamless, Integrated Data Transfer by internet.
  • Accuracy enhanced- Individualised curve fitted QT/RR formula correction.
  • 24 hour Arrhythmia Analysis- Over –read by Cardiologist.
  • Highly accurate paper ECG Digitisation performed with analysis. .
  • Always Accessible: Solutions for Research Problems.