‘Superlative Analytical Quality’


Dr Hunt has been a qualified Doctor of Medicine for 30 years, and has accumulated a deep and extensive clinical/practical experience in General Medicine and Cardiology. He displays a high aptitude for diagnostics, data interpretation and analysis. These incisive abilities are combined with a track record of academic examination achievement, 28 publications in International Journals, Conference Proceedings, Editorials and Books and a conscientious dedication to all analytical, medical, mathematical research work undertaken, as evidenced from numerous references and testimonials. His innovative, analytical and mathematical flare has been expressed through the conduct of his research, harnessing powerful computer software with sophisticated mathematical techniques

Dr Hunt’s examinations include MRCP (UK), MSc in Physical Science and Engineering in Medicine and Research Diploma (DIC) from Imperial College London (Analysis of the arterial wave function using method of characteristics). A Doctorate from Birmingham University in Cardiology involving mathematical/computer modelling of left ventricular function and using Doppler flow indices derived from the Navier Stokes Equation to assess dP/dt max during changes in LV contraction resulting from varying impedance, loading and angioplasty.

Prior to starting Cardio-QT Ltd (new name for PSI HeartSignals Global Ltd) he was Medical Director of a large Cardiovascular Core Laboratory which he helped to flourish. Cardio-QT Ltd now supports the pharmaceutical and biotech industries with the development of research protocols and indices to achieve research aims. Providing high end analysis of cardiovascular electrophysiological, ECG and echocardiographic research data. Automated accurate measurement of QT intervals, T wave alternans and vectorisation of 12 lead ECG data, software algorithm design automating analysis of digitised data. Mathematical computer modelling and software design. He performs market driven innovative research which has resulted in 3 patents and 2 SMART awards won to date.